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Case Results

  1. $2.5 million malpractice for contested birth injury.
  2. $1.4 million malpractice for loss of part of lung.
  3. $1 million product liability claim for worker suffering arm injuries.
  4. $1.25 million malpractice for negligent surgery to remove swallowed peanut in bronchial tubes.
  5. $800 thousand malpractice contested birth injury.
  6. $1 million for shopkeeper killing unarmed thief stealing 6 pack of beer.
  7. $625 thousand settlement for client injured for tractor-trailer blocking roadway.
  8. $610 thousand for workplace settlement for injury to client when unsteady object fell on his body.
  9. $575 thousand settlement from negligent driver of vehicle in hitting drunk pedestrian.
  10. $650 thousand settlement for client injured in tractor/trailer collision.
  11. $550 thousand settlement for adulterated drug injury to client.
  12. $450 thousand settlement for pilot negligence leading to the death of a skydiver.
  13. $300 thousand settlement for dog bite injury to adult trying to befriend neighbor’s dog when bitten.
  14. $240 thousand for nursing home settlement of inadequate care for family member after hip fracture.
  15. $250 thousand for inadequate care of nursing home toward family member who developed ulcers and life threatening injuries.
  16. $120 thousand for legal malpractice breach of trust.

In addition to the above cases handled by this firm, other cases involving breaking a trust agreement involving a multi-million dollar estate, malfunctions of an escalator causing serious back injury, numerous motorcycle collisions causing serious injury or death to cyclist, hundreds of slip and fall premises liability incidents and fallen objects injuring clients from store shelves, death of an employee in workplace shooting, negligent railroad engineer causing death of client’s husband, negligent railroad non-approved engineer allowed to control train causing death to family member, child injured at child care facility and serious hand injury from a defective lawnmower.

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