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As consumers, we count on the products we buy to function safely in the way they were designed to be used. Sometimes, however, problems arise and consumers are seriously injured or killed by a defective product.

Product liability requires that designers, manufacturers, and suppliers should take responsibility for defective products and the harm they have caused to the consumer. Liability covers a broad range of products including:

  • Malfunctioning automobile features
    • Seatbelts and airbags failing to operate
    • Car roofs collapsing in an accident
    • Gas tanks exploding
  • Defective household products and toys
  • Faulty equipment, heavy machinery, power tools
  • Dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and medical device products

When a product malfunctions or proves to be defective, the creators and distributors of the product should be held liable. Only an attorney well-versed in product liability law will be able to guide you through the complex legal process and help you fight the designers, manufacturers, or suppliers of the defective product for the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Product liability cases can be very difficult to prove. You must show the designer, manufacturer, or supplier was at fault for your injuries. One of three defects can be used to show that a product was defective before you used it: design, manufacture, or “failure to warn”. An experienced attorney will be able to explain the differences between the three and which, if any, of the categories your unique case falls under. Contact an attorney to see if you are eligible for compensation from the injuries you’ve sustained from a defective product.

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